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Game Theorist at Maastricht University



Courses on Epistemic Game Theory

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Last Updated: April 29, 2021

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EPICENTER Spring Course in Epistemic Game Theory  and

Workshop "Celebrating 10 Years of EPICENTER" 

have been postponed to 2022, because of the COVID-situation.

New book:

I am currently working on a new textbook, called "Epistemic Game Theory II: Non-Standard Games".

The purpose is to study games with incomplete information, games with unawareness, and psychological games in a unified way from an epistemic perspective.

I now completed Chapter 3, which is about Nash equilibrium and correlated equilibrium in standard games. I characterize Nash equilibrium by the notion of a simple belief hierarchy (as proposed in my first book on epistemic game theory), and characterize correlated equilibrium by the new notion of a symmetric belief hierarchy.